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The State of Well-being

In 2009 we launched the first Romanian online platform for making and managing appointments to doctors. The market was not ready to adopt back then, but that experience taught us to stop guessing what our users wanted and start doing the research required to develop a relevant product.

"The State of Wellbeing 2018" is the synthesis of our research. It focuses on a global analysis of the healthcare and wellness industries, on prevention and treatment methods and current trends.

The paper shows that there is a global shift from treatment to preventative medicine, supported by high demand from markets all over the world.

We have identified a need for a technological solution that allows users, specialists, and suppliers to work together for a common goal: a preventative lifestyle in which the Users achieve their health goals for an optimum state of wellbeing.

Introducing: Hey, Be Well!

Hey, Be Well! is a complex ecosystem that bases its microeconomy on the constant interaction between its three main key players: End User, Specialist and Supplier.

  • Blockchain based transactions and gamification
  • Own token - HEY token
  • Gamified onboarding for all Key Players(USer, Specialist, Supplier)
  • Listing of Specialists and Reputation
  • Matching Users with Offers (based on consent & stated interest)
  • Third party integration
  • Data sharing

Hey Token

The native token of the Hey, Be Well! ecosystem is the HEY token. HEY will be issued on the public Ethereum blockchain, as an ERC20 standard token that is compatible with the existing infrastructure of the Ethereum blockchain and with most wallets.

As the Hey, Be Well! ecosystem grows and evolves, so does the token utility. Our gamified onboarding process will make sure that each Key Player within the Hey, Be Well! ecosystem can gain enough HEY, to allow them to take full advantage of the token-dependent functionalities.

The HEY Community Pool represents a strategic token supply, maintained at optimum levels by commissions charged for transactions within the platform, with the purpose of incentivizing desired behaviour of key players that contribute to the ecosystem in a positive way.

Examples of incentivized actions are: completing the onboarding process, recommending or reviewing specialists and suppliers, updating well-being records or verifying identity.


  • Staking for a health Goal.
  • Accessing the Goal-focused Community.
  • Accessing Other Premium features, such as Unlocking Special Prices from Suppliers.
  • Supporting a friend in their Goal, and offering HEY as extra Bonus upon completion.
  • Subscribing to Influencers & Other Original Content Providers.

Hey tokens

The HEY token is designed as a proxy for the value of in-platform transactions, such as services, data, influence, support, community engagement.

community engagement
Community Engagement

Community Plus

A well designed ecosystem, capable of supporting a healthy and efficient microeconomy, Hey, Be Well! empowers and incentivizes its key players to expand and maintain the platform. The platform is available to users that don’t hold any tokens.

We divide our users base into non token holders and token holders, and reserve certain features and privileges only for users that choose to migrate from our Community (no token holders) to our Community+ group (token holders).

Community Plus members can:


Propose new features
Organize bug bounty campaigns
Propose new functionalities
Create and manage interest-centric groups
Become an influencer
Post content.


Show support for initiatives: The level of support that an initiative receives from the community directly influences its chances of implementation.

Support implementation: Voting on who will implement approves initiatives and under what conditions.


Developers and suppliers that implement approved initiatives will be rewarded by the community.

The suppliers must meet predetermined criteria such as being the level of previous experience required from the dev team or a strict time frame.


Hey, Be Well! is building an ecosystem that could potentially serve hundreds of thousands, if not millions of well-being enthusiasts, all over the globe. We want to offer them the most secure and transparent space to interact, transfer value, store their data, manage it and share it.

Incorporating blockchain technology adds a transparent, trustless layer that can assure its key players of the trustworthy relationship with Hey, Be Well! and each other.

Why Blockchain?


Blockchain is using cryptography and it has two main purposes: securing the identity of the user’s transactions and ensuring that the past records cannot be tampered with, using this technology is a means of protecting the identity of the users and making sure that the transactions are done safely.

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Bogdan Nicoara

Co-Founder & CEO

Bogdan is a well-being oriented entrepreneur with more than 9 year expertise. His work has been focused on integration between tech and traditional systems...

Andra Georgescu

Co-founder & COO

Andra started her career early on, as a highly talented digital marketer and copywriter more than 8 years ago and founded...

Cristian Filimon

Co-Founder & CPO

Cristian is a great rational mind which sees a logic flaw from miles away and quickly finds the best solution to surpass it...

Andrei Constantin

Co-Founder & CTO

Also known as our Code Wizard, for making the impossible, possible by sheer coding skill, Andrei has more than 10 years of coding...

Alexandru Busila

Co-Founder & Well-being Specialist

A Well known Romanian psychologist, Alexandru is also a college teacher and a corporate trainer and coach. He pushes the limits of...

Bogdan Santejudean

ICO Manager

Bogdan is a serial entrepreneur who has over 7 years of experience in business and business development. He provided advisory and...

Bogdan Muresan

Business Developer

Bogdan is an experienced business developer, with a talent for connecting like-minded people and businesses. Before joining the...

John Constantinescu

UX/UI Lead

Before joining forces with the Hey, Be Well! team, John worked as part of an advertising agency with big brands such as We Fashion...

Amalia Costa

UX / UI designer

Amalia is our solution oriented designer, specialized in mobile apps. Her background includes extensive experience in mobile app design...

Roland Leth

Head of iOS Development

Before joining Hey, Be Well!, Roland lead IOS development teams at big companies such as DeinDeal (Part of Ringier) and then moved on to...

Diana Daia

Senior iOS Developer

Diana has more than 4 years working as an IOS Developer alongside Roland. Her career includes working for companies like CustomSoft...

Andrei Badea

Software Developer

Andrei is a fast coder, that always keeps an eye on the bigger picture. He has more than 5 years experience in web & mobile...

Alexandru Filimon

Software developer

Alexandru has 3 years experience with HTML5, JavaScript, CSS and Python. He is undoubtedly a living testimony of a fast learner and is...

George Marin

Frontend Developer

George is reliable, fast and a perfectionist. Not to mention one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet. His background consists...

Anca Golovei

Marketing & Communication

Anca is a talented communicator with a knack for connecting people with her easy going and cool demeanor, which she uses to help the...

Advisors & Early Contributors

Aurel Iancu

Ethereum, Dokia Capital, Mobotiq

Vlad Andrei

Co-founder of Hightechblocks, Co-Founder of Albaron Ventures based in Silicon Valley

Semih Kacan

Co-Founder of Trust Square & Founder of KACO

Sebastian Cochinescu

Phd in Blockchain Studies, Co-Founder of SoundFeed

Felix Crisan

CTO & Co-Founder at Netopia & Mobilpay, Co-founder and CoinMaster at BTKO

Alin Mihai Laurentiu

Managing Partner at LLA

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