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Hey, be well! Represents a one-stop solution for wellbeing enthusiasts.

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The state of wellbeing

A need for innovation

Healthcare is one of the slowest industries to adopt new technology when it comes to logistics, administrative tasks, data management and interconnectivity amongst participant parties.

Interacting with this system and efficiently addressing a health related issue is frustrating for users, specialists and suppliers, because of the inefficient transactions that govern all interactions that take place within the wellbeing ecosystem.

Given the highly regulated nature of this field, any technology, that facilitates management and sharing of medical data, needs to keep all sensitive data secure and private. This leads to lack of interoperability between health service providers.

The transition to a digital-first ecosystem is both inevitable and necessary. This will require a technological solution that allows users, specialists, and suppliers to work together for a common goal in an intuitive, trust free and secure environment.

The State of Wellbeing 2018

The State of Wellbeing 2018

Report Paper -coming soon-

7 dimensions of wellbeing

A holistic perspective

We define wellbeing as a personal state of equilibrium achieved by maintaining a dynamic flowbetween a person’s challenges and resources: physical, psychological, social, emotional, spiritual, occupational or environmental. We believe our health is not limited to our biological wellbeing.

We recognize the importance of the medical sector, and the need to connect it with the rest of the health related industries, in an integrated ecosystem.

Spiritual Physical Social Emotional Psychological Occupational Environmental Wellbeing Spiritual Physical Social Emotional Psychological Occupational Environmental
A Vision of Health that goes beyond Health

A Vision of Health that goes beyond Health

Vision Paper -coming soon-

Hey, be well! Platform

Hey, Be Well! proposes a solution that integrates health and wellness under the umbrella of Wellbeing.

We are currently developing a digital ecosystem that empowers users with control over their wellbeing data, a holistic overview on their health and access to specialists and suppliers from all over the world.

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User Features

Integrated Services:

Receive, store, manage and share all your wellbeing treatment plans in a single place: your Hey, Be Well! dashboard.

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Specialist Features

Integrated CRMs & ERPs:

Manage clients, statistics, billing, appointments, from a single place: your Hey, Be Well! dashboard. Receive and give reviews, order from suppliers, get access to premium content and much more.

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Supplier Features

Integrated Services:

Enlist your company profile and services, get acess to billing, orders, inventory, statistics and manage them in a single place: your Hey, Be Well! dashboard.

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HBW - A Wellbeing Ecosystem

Hey, Be Well! is a complex ecosystem that bases its microeconomy on the constant interaction between its three main key players: End User, Specialist and Supplier.

key players_schemeUserSpecialistSupplier

Who are they?

Wellbeing enthusiasts
Legal guardians managing the family’s health data
People that need to store and track their wellbeing data
People that need to make wellbeing appointments
Alternative lifestyle adopters
Wellbeing influencers
Heavy travelers

What can they do?

Make appointments
Store and track their wellbeing data
Share their data with different specialists
Manage the family’s health data
Get second opinions
Pay for wellbeing services and platforms
Be part of a interest-centric community

Who are they?

Alternative medicine specialists
Personal trainers
Yoga instructors

What can they do?

Manage appointments
Create and store client’s wellbeing data
Receive reviews
Bill clients and receive payment
Pay suppliers
Offer second opinion
Collaborate with other specialists

Who are they?

Pharmaceutical companies
Drug stores
Alternative Medicine shops
Sport shops
Medical equipment suppliers
Tech, software and maintenance suppliers

What can they do?

Add/Edit products and prices
Bill clients and receive payment
Safely store transaction history
Pay other suppliers
Receive reviews
Collaborate with other specialists
Sell products related to wellbeing

Hey tokens

The HEY token is designed as a proxy for the value of in-platform transactions, such as services, data, influence, support, community engagement.

community engagement
Community Engagement

Community Plus

A well designed ecosystem, capable of supporting a healthy and efficient microeconomy, Hey, Be Well! empowers and incentivizes its key players to expand and maintain the platform. The platform is available to users that don’t hold any tokens.

We divide our users base into non token holders and token holders, and reserve certain features and privileges only for users that choose to migrate from our Community (no token holders) to our Community+ group (token holders).

Community Plus members can:


Propose new features
Organize bug bounty campaigns
Propose new functionalities
Create and manage interest-centric groups
Become an influencer
Post content.


Show support for initiatives: The level of support that an initiative receives from the community directly influences its chances of implementation.

Support implementation: Voting on who will implement approves initiatives and under what conditions.


Developers and suppliers that implement approved initiatives will be rewarded by the community.

The suppliers must meet predetermined criteria such as being the level of previous experience required from the dev team or a strict time frame.

A Wellbeing Ecosystem

A Wellbeing Ecosystem

Product Paper -coming soon-


Though the perfect DAO has yet to be created, we aim to gradually decentralize the platform. We start our decentralization process by developing Hey, Be Well! according to our initial Vision, presented in the Whitepaper.

As soon as the platform works and performs as expected, we will begin to gradually give more governance power to our Community+ users.

The Early bird gets the Worm

The Early bird gets the Worm

Token Sale -coming soon-

Core Team

Bogdan Nicoara

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Cristian Filimon

Founder & Chief Product Officer

Andrei Constantin

Founder & Chief Technical Officer

Andra Georgescu

Chief Operational Officer

Amalia Costa

Senior UX & UI Designer

Andrei Badea

Blockchain Specialist


Aurel Iancu

Investor & Advisor

George Bunea

Investor & Advisor

Vlad Andrei

Blockchain Advisor

Alexandru Busila

Psychologist & Trainer

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